A brand new venture for Cotswold Bees is to host Beekeeping Team Building Events.

Our team building courses take place in the heart of The Cotswolds and are based on developing teams that are effective and better equipped to deal with decision making.  As well as being a fascinating look at a team that operates without a leader or instructions (i.e. the bee colony), they are also great fun.

A typical one-day programme would include the following:

  • The Life Of The Hive – how the work gets done without conflict or a leader
  • Bee-related Team Activities (e.g. working in beeswax)
  • Visit The Bees (Note – out of season this will be replaced with team-based bee-related activities, e.g. designing an office to work like a beehive)
  • Honey Tasting Competition
  • What Can You Take Away To Be A More Effective Team.

The content can be amended to suit the particular requirements of the client and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Group Size: We can accommodate between 8 and 20 people on each course.

Price: The price is dependent on the number of people attending, so please contact us for a quotation.

If you are looking for a corporate event that’s a bit different – why not try Beekeeping!  Click HERE to contact us.

Beekeeping Courses